LE Intro Level Low/No Light Night Vision Pistol & Carbine Course- (3-4 hours) *Student Equipment:  Carbine, preferably with an illuminated optic, sling, weapon light, Pistol with night sight, holster, weapons light (can be same as rifle), 300-400 rifle rounds, 3 rifle mags, 200-300 pistol rounds, 3 pistol mags and hand held flashlight.

*Rental IR Lasers and Night Vision available.

Pistol & Rifle instruction during daylight, Low Light and under Night Vision. 1 hour daytime shooting, approximately 1 hour of low light range time with both Pistol & Rifle out to 300 yards, and approximately 1 hour of NVG range time. 


Waveland Gun Club- 8609 W 800 S Waveland, IN 47989

BCD Range- 3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944

  • Safety
  • Effects of white light
  • Barricade Shooting
  • Night sights
  • IR devices
  • Mounting & zeroing
  • Patrol with live fire
  • Marking targets
  • Signaling

Max # of students 6

Additional Information:

No self-reloads, tracer, M193, M855, or steel core ammunition.

Range rental cost is included in the course price.