Mobile Training Teams (MTT'S)

 Briggs Core Dynamics specializes in Mobile Training Teams (MTT) on the national level. Briggs Core tailors its courses and curriculum development based specifically on your organizational training requirements. In most cases, MTTs are more cost effective to the client and provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and facility utilization.

To ensure quality of instruction and curriculum, Briggs Core uses an industry best practice 4-prong system to identify training resources and locations and to clarify training expectations, which is crucial in reconciling participant capabilities with course objectives. This ensures Briggs Core properly tailors and delivers the exact course of instruction to best meet the training goals of your organization.


LE Intro Level Low/No Light Night Vision Pistol & Carbine Course- (3-4 hours) *Student Equipment:  Carbine, preferably with an illuminated optic, sling, weapon light, Pistol with night sight, holster, weapons light (can be same as rifle), 300-400 rifle rounds, 3 rifle mags, 200-300 pistol rounds, 3 pistol mags and hand held flashlight.

*Rental IR Lasers and Night Vision available.

Pistol & Rifle instruction during daylight, Low Light and under Night Vision. 1 hour daytime shooting, approximately 1 hour of low light range time with both Pistol & Rifle out to 300 yards, and approximately 1 hour of NVG range time. 


Waveland Gun Club- 8609 W 800 S Waveland, IN 47989

BCD Range- 3733 E 500 N Fowler, IN 47944

  • Safety
  • Effects of white light
  • Barricade Shooting
  • Night sights
  • IR devices
  • Mounting & zeroing
  • Patrol with live fire
  • Marking targets
  • Signaling

Max # of students 6

Additional Information:

No self-reloads, tracer, M193, M855, or steel core ammunition.

Range rental cost is included in the course price.