Mobile Training Teams (MTT'S)

 Briggs Core Dynamics specializes in Mobile Training Teams (MTT) on the national level. Briggs Core tailors its courses and curriculum development based specifically on your organizational training requirements. In most cases, MTTs are more cost effective to the client and provide flexibility in terms of scheduling and facility utilization.

To ensure quality of instruction and curriculum, Briggs Core uses an industry best practice 4-prong system to identify training resources and locations and to clarify training expectations, which is crucial in reconciling participant capabilities with course objectives. This ensures Briggs Core properly tailors and delivers the exact course of instruction to best meet the training goals of your organization.

Scott is an ILEA certified firearms instructor PSID # 2209-9001-3999-F


LE Carbine 1/Course # 10-32R1- (4-6 hours) 500 rifle rounds, 250 pistol rounds, 5 rifle mags, and 3 pistol mags
*Bring a sling for your rifle, mag pouches, pistol and holster with mag pouches.

LE Carbine 1 continuing to build our muscle memory from the pistol courses, by using the same work space and economy of motion, we will develop techniques with the rifle to insure speed and accuracy in high stress situations.

  • Safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Malfunctions
  • Transitions
  • Speed shooting
  • Multiple shoots
  • Multiple targets
  • Shooting positions
  • Shooting on the move
  • Shooting behind cover


LE Carbine 2/Course # 10-32R2- (4-6 hours) 600-700 rifle rounds, 250 pistol rounds, 5 rifle mags, and 3 pistol mags.
*Bring a sling for your rifle, mag pouches, pistol and holster with mag pouches.

LE Carbine 2 Active shooter environments require the officer to be able to shoot, move and communicate effectively and in a timely manner. This rifle course works on all of those aspects. The officer will learn the importance of splitting the active shooters fire to make it less effective and maximizing the officers impact.

  • Safety
  • Barricade Shooting
  • Bounding
  • Transitions
  • Reload on the Move
  • Multiple Targets
  • Scenario Driven Courses of Fire
  • Stress Drills