Scott is an ILEA certified firearms instructor PSID # 2209-9001-3999-F


2 Day LE V.C.A.T.  (Vehicle Counter Assault Training) #10-78R2C- $450 Indiana and $550 Texas 600 rounds pistol and 1000 rounds rifle. 3 mags for pistol, 4 rifle mags, holster, and sling. Small backpack (Camelbak HAWG size)

VCAT is a course designed to put the student into realistic situations where you learn to fight through an attack/ambush while in a vehicle.

  • Situational Awareness
  • Vehicle set up
  • Bail out bag contents and location
  • Minimize rifle signature
  • Shooting through windshield
  • Cross load drills
  • Down Driver drills
  • Hard point selection
  • Bounding from vehicles
  • Force of force simmunition training